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Editorial Board

Editorial Board of China Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (CJOMS)
(Third Session)


WANG Da-zhang(Chengdu) 
ZHANG Zhen-kang(Beijing)   
LIU Bao-lin(Xi’an)  
LI Jin-rong(Wuhan)


QIU Wei-liu (Shanghai)

Associate Editors-in-Chief

WANG-xing (Beijing) 
ZHANG Zhi-yuan(Shanghai) 
YU Guang-yan(Beijing)  
ZHAO Yi-fang(Wuhan)

Executive Vice Editor-in-Chief

ZHENG Jia-wei (Shanghai)

Editorial Members(Listed Alphabetically)

AI Wei-jian (Guangzhou) 
BU Rong-fa(Beijing) 
CAI Zhi-gang(Beijing) 
CHEN Chuan-jun(Hefei) 
CHEN Wan-tao (Shanghai)  
CHEN Wei-liang (Guangzhou) 
CHEN Zhen-qi (Shanghai) 
DONG Fu-sheng (Shijiazhuang)  
FANG Bing (Shanghai) 
GAO Yan(Beijing)
GU Zhi-yuan (Hangzhou)    
GUO Chuan-bin (Beijing) 
GUO Wei (Shanghai) 
HE Yue(Shanghai)  
HU Jing (Chengdu)  
HU Min (Beijing)  
HU Kai-jin(Xi’an) 
HU Qin-gang (Nanjing)  
HUANG Hong-zhang (Guangzhou)  
JIAN Xin-chun (Changsha)  
JIANG Hong(Shanghai) 
JIANG Xiao-zhong (Shanghai)  
JIN Yan (Xi’an) 
LI De-hua (X’an)  
LI Jiang (Shanghai) 
LI Long-jiang (Chengdu) 
LI Sheng-lin(Beijing)  
LI Tie-jun (Beijing) 
LI Xin-ming (Zhengzhou)  
LI Zu-bing (Wuhan) 
LIAO Gui-qing (Guangzhou) 
LIN Li-song (Fuzhou)  
LIN Ye (Beijing)
LIN Zhao-quan (Wulumuqi)  
LIU liu(Kunming)    
LIU Yan-pu (Xi’an)  
LONG Xing (Wuhan)  
LU Li (Shenyang)  
MA Lian (Beijing)  
MA Xu-chun (Beijing)  
MAO Tian-qiu (Xi’an) 
QIN Zhong-ping(Linyi) 
PAN Jian (Chengdu) 
PENG Xin (Beijing)  
SHANG Zheng-jun(Wuhan)  
SHEN Guo-fang (Shanghai)  
SHI Bing (Chengdu)  
SU Yu-cheng (Beijing)  
SUN Chang-fu (Shenyang) 
SUN Jian (Shanghai)  
SUN Mo-yi (Xi’an) 
TAN Ying-hui (Chongqing) 
TANG Zhan-gui (Changsha)
TIAN Wei-dong (Chengdu)  
WANG Guo-ming (Shanghai)
WANG Hui-ming (Hangzhou)  
WANG Song-ling (Beijing)  
WANG Xv-kai (Shenyang) 
WANG Zuo-lin (Shanghai)  
WEI Feng-cai (Jinan)  
WU Jun-zheng(Xi’an) 
WU Yu-nong(Nanjing)  
XU Bing(Shanghai)  
XU Xin(Jinan)  
YANG Chi (Shanghai)  
YANG Hong-yu (Shenzhen) 
YIN Biao(Beijing) 
ZENG Rong-sheng (Guangzhou)  
ZHANG Bin (Liaocheng)  
ZHANG Bin (Haerbin) 
ZHANG Chen-ping (Shanghai)  
ZHANG Dong-sheng (Jinan)
ZHANG Hong-jie (Tianjin)  
ZHANG Wei (Changchun)  
ZHANG Wen-feng (Wuhan)   
ZHANG Yi (Beijing) 
ZHANG Zhi-guang (Guangzhou) 
ZHANG Zhi-yong (Shanghai)  
ZHAO Shi-fang (Hangzhou) 
ZHENG Qian (Chengdu) 
ZHOU Jian (Hefei)  
ZHOU Nuo (Nanning)
 ZHU Ye-sen (Shanghai) 
ZOU De-rong(Shanghai)

Invited (International)Editorial Members (Listed Alphabetically)

DONG Yao-jun (Wuhan)  
Leon A. Assael(USA)
LI Ning-yi (Qingdao)       
L. K. Cheung(Hong Kong SAR,China) 
Crispian Scully CBE(UK) 
James Y. Suen (Little Rock, USA)   
Kenichi Michi (Japan)    
LV Chun-tang (Shanghai)  
Mark McGurk(UK)  
Masahiko Mori(Japan)   
N. Samman(Hong Kong SAR,China) 
Richard C.S. Chang (Taiwan, China)  
S. Feinberg(USA) 
Stoelinga PJW (Netherlands)  
WEN Yu-ming (Chengdu)

Participation in Our Peer Review Process

Medical literature is widely available in two general formats. We are all familiar with textbooks and other symposia, which are either contributed or invited contributions of authors. In contrast, the peer-reviewed medical literature describes that body of science that undergoes rigorous, but fair, scientific review before being accepted for publication. The CJOMS is a peer-reviewed refereed journal. In 2003, the editorial office of CJOMS received in excess of 150 scientific manus cripts submitted for review and possible publication. Every submitted manus cript was evaluated by a minimum of 2 expert reviewers. 68 manus cripts were accepted for publication. Another 40 manus cripts were rejected on the advice of the reviewers and the others are still in the final stages of revision and review. The most common reason for rejection was lack of originality, limited importance to the field of OMS, and inadequate study design including, but not limited to inadequate power from which to draw valid conclusions. Almost all of the manus cripts were returned to the corresponding author with recommendations for revision and an invitation to resubmit the revised manus cript. When resubmitted, these manus cripts were then further considered, such that more than 60 manus cripts accounted for the 240 pages that were subsequently published in the Journal.

The life-blood of our Journal is its Editorial Board and the many volunteer reviewers who so graciously donate their time and expertise to the review of the submitted manus cripts.

The CJOMS is now inviting all authors to submit original manus cripts electronically. These manus cripts subsequently will be distributed electronically to appropriate scientific reviewers. The Editorial Board of CJOMS is currently soliciting individuals with the appropriate expertise in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery to indicate their willingness to serve as ad-hoc reviewers. Please send your name, e-mail address, and subspecialty area (if any) to Editor-in-Chief at if you would like to be considered as an ad-hoc reviewer for our Journal.