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19th ICOMS Attracts 1,500 Attendees

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Carrying on a tradition begun 47 years ago, the International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons held the 19th International Conference on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China from May 24-27, 2009.

The event was co-sponsored by the Chinese Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, in cooperation with the Hong Kong Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. After the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Council meetings on May 20-22, the biennial event got started with an invitational conference on May 23rd on the subject, “Quality Improvement in the Training of OMS.”On Sunday, May 24th, the conference center’s doors swung wide open to welcome over 1,500 participants from 77 countries. The scientific sessions began in earnest while the organizing committee put the final touches on the elegant Opening Ceremony held that evening in the Grand Ballroom of the Shanghai International Convention Centre.

After welcoming remarks by OMS dignitaries from the CSOMS, HKAOMS, IAOMS, and the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau, attendees were treated to musicians playing on uniquely Chinese instruments. Next was “Thousand Hands Buddha Dance,” followed by chinese acrobats and “Changing Faces.” The entertainment wrapped up with a demonstration of Chinese Kung Fu. The evening ended with an elaborate stand-up buffet dinner and the chance to meet and greet colleagues from around the world.

Monday through Wednesday saw the continuation of the scientific program, which consisted of 3 plenary sessions, 22 symposia, and 45 free paper sessions. (For a listing of the Poster and Presentation Awards, go to page 12) More than 700 abstracts were received and printed in the May 2009 issue of the International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

The social events continued throughout the week with a River Cruise/Dinner, Foundation Luncheon, Past Presidents’ Luncheon, and the much anticipated Gala Dinner.

The IAOMS Executive Committee thanks the following individuals for their hard work making the 19th ICOMS such a success: Wei-liu Qiu, Chairman; Zhi-yuan Zhang, Vice-Chairman; Xiao-gang Sun, Treasurer; Steve Guofang Shen, Executive Secretary; Yue He, Secretary; the members of the organizing committee: Zhi-yuan Zhang Chairman), Steve Guo-fang Shen (Vice Chairman), Xing Wang, Yi-fang Zhao, Yan-pu Liu, Wei-dong Tian, Ben K.C. Chow, Chi Yang, Chen-ping Zhang, Jia-wei Zheng, Yue He, Mind Cai, Guang Chen, Zheng-yi Wu, Bing Zhang, Qi-yun Wang, Hui-jie Wang; and the members of the Scientific Committee: Lim K. Cheung (Chairman), Guang-yan Yu (Vice Chairman), Hong-zhang Huang, Li Lu, Xing Long, Bing Shi, De-lin, Lei, Yong-zhong Xu, Julio Acero (Spain), Stephen E. Feinberg (USA), M. Abraham Kuriakose (India), and Tim Turvey (USA).

Posters and Presentations Awards, 19th ICOMS

Outstanding Poster Presentation Awardees

Edela Puricelli (Brazil) Histological evaluation of the influence of magnetic field application in autogenous bone grafts in rats.
Tsuyoshi Shimo (Japan) Sonic hedgehog signalling cooperates with BMP2/4 on odontoblast differentiation.
Zhi-Jun Sun (China) Curcumin prevents tumour growth, angiogenesis, and invasion in adenoid cystic carcinoma by dual inhibition of both mTOR and nuclear factor-kappaB pathway through a PI3K/Akt/IKKbeta signalling axis.
Tomohiro Ninomiya (Japan) Effects of palatal lift prosthesis and repushback surgery on velopharyngeal incompetence in cleft palate patients.
Soon Jung Hwang (Korea) The effect of electrical stimulation on the Schwann cell

Outstanding Oral Presentation Awardees

Hannah Daile Chua (HK - China) Cleft maxillary distraction versus orthognathic surgery-which one is more stable in the long term?
Matthias Schneider (Germany) Bone bloc fixation via ultrasound-aided resorbable pins - an in vivo study for the improvement of stability.
Andre Zimmermann (Germany) O-(2-[F-18]fluorethyl)-L-tyrosine positron emission tomography in the diagnosis of head and neck cancer: increased amino acid transporter expression in squamous cell carcinoma.
Cristian Dinu (Romania) Individualised mandibular reconstruction using free fibula flaps: our experience.
Na Ge (China) Reconstruction of the spinal accessory nerve defects with sternocleidomastoid muscle-great auricular nerve flap: clinical research.

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